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Each new year brings about choices.

We have all made the choice to attend this academic institution, and partake in something that is much larger than ourselves. We are given many opportunities here that teach us to find what we could’ve never discovered about ourselves before. We are part of a community that teaches us to use our heads, hearts, and hands to impact ourselves and those around us.

The choice to use these tools, though, is the most important part of becoming a true NMH student.

I came to NMH on a dime. I waited and waited until the very last moment in my summer to decide to change my life and come to this school. I didn’t know what to think. I knew nobody, and had a very opposite life compared to that of boarding school. It took me a long time to realize that I had made the right choice, but a realization was made none the less. I chose to become a part of new, unknown place that has henceforth changed my life.

This community has taught me many things in one short year. Not only did I become accustomed to dorm life, living away from home, and of course unlimited food, but I became accustomed to living with and around people that make me a better person every day.

We are exposed to diversity like nowhere else on this planet. We learn how to treat people with respect while maintaining and divulging our pride and dignity. This academic institution teaches us to think rather than memorize, question instead of ask, and listen rather than hear. We are given such a unique opportunity here that I am convinced that no matter what, you will discover a better thinker, learner, and doer inside yourself.

Mr. Fayroian gave a speech last year during the academic awards ceremony that has stuck with me to this day. He talked about how instead of climbing to the summit of our mountain, or reaching a peak in our lives, NMH students look to search for something new rather than have our goals merely placed before us. This stuck with me. His speech was comparing our learning environment to researchers in a book finding an egg. His speech was a metaphor for how instead of reaching the top of a mountain, NMH students would rather take a look around and discover.

We as students discover new things every day. The people around us -- coaches, teachers, and peers alike -- force us to give a little thought to each of our endeavors, no matter how trying they may be. Although many of you may not be convinced instantly, NMH changes your outlook on not only learning, but living. The excitement of opportunity, the intelligence and work that goes into each of our activities and classes, and most importantly the relationships we develop as young men and women to each other makes this place truly amazing.

What you will find is that this community is special because of you, and you are made special because of this community. In time, this place will help you discover something new about yourself. The opportunity is before you, whether you choose to constantly discover rather than at once reach a peak, to use your head heart and hand. The choice is yours. Let us be silent.

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  1. Beautiful, Sam! We are so proud of you and the choices you made in your life! You are truly an inspiration to me! Love, Mom


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