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Valued members of the NMH community: we gather once again to remember and to give thanks for the legacy of our Founder, Dwight Lyman Moody. Each year some ask, why do we do this over 130 years after the fact and 114 years after Mr. Moody’s death? It is a good question. Many founders of many institutions are barely remembered, much less celebrated. Why do be have an Invocation and a Benediction at this ceremony? After all, are we not a secular school? The answers to these questions come from the very vision that Moody had for this school. For Moody felt called by something much larger than himself to build two schools in this beautiful area for the purpose of transforming young lives in mind and spirit to be of service to some greater good. Moody stood where we stand and saw an expansive view which spanned way beyond what the eye or mind could even visualize. He stood on an empty promontory, right where we stand, and imagined a glorious chapel dedicated to the glory of God standing right here. He dared dream that young persons of various backgrounds and skills could be inspired and equipped to go out from this place into the world to not just make a difference, but to be transforming agents.

Did all of that happen? Certainly, no, not for everyone! But, because his dream, his vision, was big enough, more than worthy and grounded in Mr. Moody’s own very hard work and great faith, something amazing has been happening here for generations. In spite of setbacks, a changing society and world order and numerous new educational models. Moody’s school remains relevant  and hopefully always mission-driven. We give thanks for D.L. Moody and ask for continued blessings for his expanding vision of a school which can continue to live on with  our active support and participation.

May it be so.


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