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Class of 2015,

When I addressed you this fall, I likened our journey together at NMH to a climb up a mountain. Today, I am proud to say we have reached the summit and if we take a moment to look around us, we can finally admire what Northfield Mount Hermon has been waiting for us to see. Whether it has been one year or four, we have completed the great task of the Spade together. After enduring days, weeks, even months of hard work, both physically and intellectually, we gather here today to reflect. We reflect on what has been helpful and empowering and we let go of the things and events that may hold us back. It is essential now that we take those lessons learned on this hill -- the work ethic, knowledge and emotions that we have nourished and fostered here, to the next mountain we face. Though this is the end of our journey at NMH, we are all still in this together as hoggers.

As we embrace our moment to say goodbye, we pass on the challenge of hard work, motivation, and future growth that is taught on this beautiful hillside to the rising class that we have taken under our own wing as younger brothers and sisters.

This arduous journey is at the heart of the spade; it is the journey taken by all students and graduates of Northfield Mount Hermon. Do you, Will Haslett, on behalf of the Class of 2016, accept the challenge of the spade?


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